God Is Debunking The Theory Of Evolution


1.     In this final lesson on evidence that God Is, we will look at the false theory of evolution that is not based on scientific fact or research.

2.     Yet this sinful teaching against God and His Word and His Power is found everywhere in the world. From the media, science community, and to our schools. From the parochial level up, including institutions of high learning.

3.     God’s Word which is Truth (John 17:17) found in the Bible concerning the creation has been banned from our schools, and some have been brainwashed to believe in this man made doctrine.

4.     This lesson is to debunk this false teaching and its “religion” while at the same time praising God for His role in the creation of all things.

I.                  Different Types Of People Believe In Evolution.

A.    Infidel. He is the person who refuses to believe in God and in anything God represents. He is anti religious.

B.    Modernist. He is the person who believes in the current teaching of any subject. Usually found rejecting ideas that relating to his time or age. For some modernist, God doesn’t fit into their lives!

C.     Liberal. He is the person who like the modernist to some degree is ready to discard any traditional values or beliefs. God, Bible etc.

D.    Humanist. He is the person who takes side of the value and agency of human beings over the acceptance of God and the Bible.

E.     Atheist. He is the person that does not believe in God, religion, after life.

F.     Agnostic. He is the person that believes that nothing can be known of God, His existence, His power, Nature etc. Skeptic, doubting Thomas.

G.    Unbeliever. He is the person like the infidel, who has no religious beliefs. Synonyms: pagan, heathen, apostate, dissenter. Often vocal about his unbelief. Only believes in what he can see, feel, taste, smell, and hear. All of the above are fools! Psalm 14:1.

II.               Cause And Effect Of The Universe.

A.    Three choices for the existence of the physical universe.

1.     The universe is eternal. No matter is eternal.

2.     The universe is not eternal. It created itself. Big Bang?

3.     The universe is not eternal. Created by some force which is clearly more powerful and superior to it in every way. That would be God!

B.    Nothing comes from nothing! This is the very premise of cause and effect. What came before the big bang? The evolutionist cannot answer this query.

C.     The universe was created by something that:

1.     Existed before it did.

2.     Is overwhelmingly superior to it.

3.     Is of a different nature. Not a chemical, not rock or mineral, not gas. The creator would be alive and all powerful.

D.    This is God. Hebrews 3:4, Romans 1: 18-20.

E.     God the designer. Our lessons on stars and planets. All different types of animals, plants. Human beings. Psalm 139:14.

F.     We have looked at dozens of Scriptures from the Word of God declaring proof that God Is The Creator of all things.

G.    What more proof does man need? Is this a problem of lack of faith?

III.             Consequences Of The Unbeliever.

A.    If the unbeliever’s belief is that God is not the Supreme Being, nor the Creator of all things, then where lies the science?

B.    Where are his facts to support such a belief? Superstition, the religion of the evolutionist, the opinion of “smart guys”, the populace? Nothing comes from nothing! Not rocket science!

C.     What about the outlandish theory that many will rely on and try to build a science to, billions of years, millions of years of evolution?

D.    The intricacies of the planets and stars, the human body, animal and plant life. All these things came together perfectly to be.

E.     Man’s knowledge, reasoning ability, intellect, love, hate etc. all sprang forth from nothing? Throw the dice, toss in the air?

IV.             Consequences Of The Believer In God.

A.    A ready explanation of the creation of all things exists in God’s Inspired All Sufficient Word. The Bible. Genesis 1.

B.    Such design by God, He considered to be very good. Genesis 1:31.

C.     Some answers found in God’s Word that man has been asking for a long time.

1.     Where did I come from? Genesis 2:7.

2.     Why am I here? Ecclesiastes 12: 13-14.

3.     Where am I going? Hebrews 9:27, John 5: 28-29.

D.    I believe in the answers to these questions found in the Bible, rather than believing in evolution, and then after, death-non existence!

V.               Evolution-A Theory Beset With Problems.

A.    Evolution is not fact.

B.    The scientist “Bible” consist of postulating theory, conjecture, assumption, experimentation, which ends in proving positive facts.

C.     Evolution does none of these things.

D.    “With the failure of these many efforts, science was left in the somewhat embarrassing position of having to postulate theories of living origins which it could not demonstrate. After having chided the theologian for his reliance on myth and miracle, science found itself in the unenviable position of having to create a mythology of its own: namely the assumption that, what, after long effort could not be proved to take place today had in truth taken place in the primeval past” Doctor Loren Eisley P.H.D.

E.     “Scientists who go about teaching that evolution is a fact of life are great con-men, and the story they are telling may be the greatest hoax ever. In explaining or proving evolution we do not have one iota of fact” Doctor T. N. Tahmisian- Atomic Energy Commission.

F.     Besides all of this my friends, evolutionists are not in agreement about evolution, its cause, effect etc. For there is no evidence! Only opinions of “expert professionals”! W. R. Thompson-The origin of Species.

G.    Charles Darwin’s own words concerning his book “The Origin Of Species.” 1859. “I have never for a moment doubted that much of my book will be proved erroneous”. Also he wrote “I look at it as absolutely certain that very much in the Origin will be proved rubbish” Charles Darwin-1862. “A Critical Glance At Darwin”.

H.    Yet so many bought into this man’s theories without any proof based on a certain group of islands of the world. Here we are today!

I.       Darwin’s own geology professor, Doctor Adam Segwick said, “After fifty years of research and close examination, Darwin’s theory is still without satisfactory proof”. Segwick, Darwin & Modern Science.

J.      The theory of evolution is in direct conflict with known laws of science, and established facts of archaeology.

VI.             The Fossil Record.

A.    Fossils are abundant. Found in every country of the world.

B.    No fossils have ever been found of any species in the process of such grand evolving. No fish turning into a mammal, no monkey turning into a man. Fish, fern, mammals, reptiles etc. No in between’s!

C.     Fossils are solid, scientific evidence! So where is such evidence in the theory of evolution?

D.    “Science and religion are not compatible. While science tries to learn more about the creation, religion tries to learn more about the Creator. One cannot be exposed to the order and beauty of the universe without conceding there must be a divine intent behind it. Must we light a candle to see the sun? The more we understand the universe and the intricacies of its operation, the more sense we have to marvel at its Creator. Doctor Wernher Von Braun.


1.     Man was created not evolved. Moses. Genesis 1:27, 2:7, 21-22. Job. 10:8, 11. Paul. Acts 17:29, Romans 5:13. Solomon. Eccl. 7:29, 12:1. Christ. Matthew 19:4. God. Genesis 1:26, 3:19.

2.     So what do you believe in? God’s Divine Word, or man’s suppositions?